Law Office of Richard A. Mulhearn, P.C.

Unemployment Hearings

We handle unemployment hearings on behalf of people that have been fired or terminated from their jobs. When you lose your job, you are already in financial hardship. Unemployment benefits are supposed to be there to provide income so you can support yourself and your family until you are able to find another job or employment. Increasingly, employers are contesting unemployment benefits for fired employees. You may receive a notice of disqualification from the DUA or Division of Unemployment Assistance stating that unemployment benefits are denied. You have to appeal and request a hearing. Other times, employers appeal when you are approved for unemployment at the initial benefit determination. When you go to a hearing, the employer usually has an attorney or lawyer or is represented by human resources or someone experienced in unemployment cases. Employees likely have no experience and are unfamiliar with the procedures at the appeal hearing. Having an attorney or lawyer can be very important. It can help you explain your story or ask the right questions of the employer. You will have someone giving you advice and supporting you at the appeal hearing. You need these unemployment benefits. It makes sense to have help getting them.

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