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Handling Drivers' License Suspension Hearings

If you have been arrested or charged with DUI, DWI or OUI, you face not only a criminal proceeding but an administrative hearing on the possible suspension or revocation of your driver's license. Based on the circumstances of your case at the time of arrest, your rights and responsibilities can vary significantly. You want an attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations governing driver's license suspension after a drunk driving arrest, one who will know your options and help you protect your privilege to drive.

At the Law Office of Richard A. Mulhearn, P.C., we defend people throughout the state of Massachusetts who have been charged with DUI or drunk driving, handling all matters related to the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. We know from experience that many individuals are charged with DUI and face the suspension of their driver's licenses, simply as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For a free initial consultation, contact us by e-mail or call 508-753-9999 (toll-free at 866-528-9032).

Protecting Your Driving Privileges after a DUI Arrest

If you take a breathalyzer test and fail, your license is automatically suspended for 30 days. In some cases, if you are arrested and you refuse to take a blood alcohol test at the police station, your license can be suspended for a period ranging from 6 months to life, depending on prior offenses. If your license is suspended for refusal, you generally have 15 days to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your driver's license.

Worcester DUI/OUI Attorney

When you hire us to represent you in the administrative hearing regarding the suspension of your license, we will make certain that you file any required documents within the statutory period and will act as your advocate at the hearing. We will carefully review the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine whether the police had probable cause to pull you over. If there was insufficient cause and you refused to take the test (or were unable to because of a physical condition, such as asthma), we will work to have the case dismissed and have your driving privileges reinstated.

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our office by e-mail or call 508-753-9999 (toll-free at 866-528-9032). We are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will arrange to meet with you if you are in custody. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Worcester, close to the courthouse.

At the Law Office of Richard A. Mulhearn, P.C., in Worcester, we represent individuals throughout Worcester County and the state of Massachusetts who have been charged with drinking and driving, including Shrewsbury, Westborough, Northborough, Grafton, Auburn, Holden, West Boylston, Sterling, Fitchburg, Leominster, Rutland, Webster, Spencer, Marlborough, Hudson, Oxford, Sutton, Douglas, Whitinsville, Milford, Hopedale, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Southborough, East Brookfield, Princeton, Paxton, Hubbardston and Worcester.